pioneer montessori school lucknow " We want that education by which character is formed, strength of mind is increased, intellect is expanded and by which one can stand on one's own feet - Swami Vivekananda"

Pioneer Montessori schools stand for Perfection, innovation, open mindedness, nationalism, education and excellence and rejuvenation. We believe that education is not complete without a proper value system. Besides, any method needs to be constantly improvised to keep in tune with the changing world but, at the same time, never really drifting away from its core values.

P.M.S. has stuck to this basic philosophy since its modest beginning. In the year 1963, behind this dream was the vision of Prof. Pooran Singh who inspired and educated several generations. Prof. Pooran Singh had a simple background but with great Indian values. The world for P.M.S. went on getting bigger and bigger and in the year1964, the name Pioneer Montessori School was got registered. In the following days, branches opened in Barabanki also. The occasion was marked by a grand function inaugurated by the then speaker of Vidhansabha Shri A.G. Kher, presided over by Babu Banarsi Das former chief minister of U.P. Another chapter was added when degree section was started in 2003 at Lakhpera Bagh, Barabanki. Today, the Pioneer family stands at 22 branches including 3 degree colleges.

Education is far more than mere literacy. As Dr. S. Radhakrishanan, former President of India, world renowned philosopher and educationist, said that the goal of education is “to turn out leaders of men.”

We not only inspire our students to finish in front and breast the finishing tape with energy but also in a state of full control to decide what to do beyond that. We instill in them the values of leadership, confidence, righteousness, constant introspection and also a will to improve.

The P.M.S. has been a true pioneer in providing quality education and has stood as a lighthouse. Led by Prof. Pooran Singh as its guiding beacon, our strength is our motivation, our qualified and dedicated staff and the support of our conscious and cooperative guardians. Share your dream for your child with us, we shall help you to realise that together.